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I was born in the United Kingdom in the early 1970’s. My passion for photography came via my father, Dr. Mike Askew, a medical Doctor, and also a fine photographer, who won several prestigious awards from the Royal Photographic Society. So needless to say, I spent many childhood hours assisting him in his darkroom, developing and printing images.

What inspires me?

Life on Earth in all its forms, freedom, truth, wisdom, and of course, LIGHT!

I am also passionate about how we heal, and often weave together photography with shamanism and energy medicine technologies ( Thus my global quest into these and other life mysteries has led me to travel extensively to over 60 countries. From living with tribes in the Amazon and the Andes, through to long journeys on foot in the deserts of the Middle East.  The photos on this website are a small window into these wanderings. 


I have been commissioned to document many diverse projects around the world, from recording sessions in Abbey Road Studios, to dangerous reportage of horrendous oil spill cover-ups in Peru’s largest national reserve (dodging armed guards) I also documented a Peace Caravan of one hundred people walking from the Dead Sea to the Red Sea. My photographs from this journey, in Israel, were exhibited at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. 



Most of the Earth’s population, I feel, are either surviving, existing or enduring… not many are truly LIVING. So, through the use of imagery I hope to inspire, and awaken in people, moments of ALIVENESS. To offer a sense of the sacred, and connection between all life on this planet. To bridge the worlds of photography and healing. 


I have contributed footage and photographs towards several movies and documentaries, including:

Time of Sixth Sun 

Gaia Series 'Psychedelica' (Episode 3)

Shamans of The Global Village (Episode 2)

Aya Awakenings

Pastaza Movie

Watch here on Vimeo

Lumo Project



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